Thursday, 10 January 2019

Magic and leather

Deep in the lower reaches of the museum archives, a lowly grad student was searching the stacks. Row by row, Ana browsed through the dusty old tomes, some of them thousands of years old.
Ana’s thesis was on Eastern European paganism during the 9th century. Her supervisor, the renowned Professor Elizabeth Connelly, had told her that she needed a book from the archives to complete her thesis, though Ana suspected that it was really because the Professor wanted the book for her own upcoming publication. It seemed the real work of a grad student was to do the scut work of the professors. Supposedly, the book was akin to a pagan bible, containing a collection of Slovenian pagan beliefs and rules.

Ana found the book near the bottom row of the stacks, almost hidden away in a corner. The book was quite heavy, bound in black leather. She lifted it up and placed it on a table. The front cover was completely blank, just black leather. She opened the book to find the parchment inside surprisingly well maintained. Alongside medieval drawings of pentagrams and magical beasts, the book was filled with ink writings in Old Slovenian. Ana could not read Old Slovenian, but she had a language codex in her dorm room. she took pictures of each of the book’s pages, then returned the book back to its place.

Back at her apartment, Ana printed out the pictures of the book pages and started translating the Old Slovenian into English. It was a long process, nearly three hours to translate one page, but Ana persisted. She was quickly able to surmise though that the book was not the pagan bible she was hoping for. Instead, it turned out to be something even more unique, a spell book. The book was a compendium of eastern European pagan spells and other magical concoctions. Ana was fascinated by all of them. There were spells for cursing your enemies, for curing disease, and for purposes still unknown to her.

After a week of translating, she tried to show her advisor what she had done but Professor Connelly was always too busy. Being the university’s eminent academic on medieval history and the wife of the chancellor meant that Elizabeth was often away from her office at some event or fundraiser. Since Ana was also Elizabeth’s teaching assistant, that meant that a lot of Elizabeth’s actual academic work fell to her. There was a second teaching assistant, Rachel Anderson, but she rarely helped, as the stuck-up rich girl had only gotten the job thanks to her parents’ connections.

Ana lived in an apartment with two girls who also studied/worked at the university, Pauline and Georgia. Pauline was a fitness junkie who spent a lot of her free time either running or at the gym. She was a tomboy from Texas who kept her hair short and never wore skirts or dresses. Despite campus rumours, Pauline was in fact not a lesbian and had a boyfriend. Georgia was a very sweet and bubbly girl who was also very religious, doing her PhD on Christian theology. Ana got along with them well enough, though she did find herself doing most of the housework. She also found that Georgia, while well meaning, could be at times quite judgemental. Her conservative upbringing had led her to look upon Ana’s secular lifestyle with disdain.

After another day of translating the spell book and having her work ignored, Ana was in her bedroom looking over a few of the spells. On a whim she decided to see what would happen if she tried to conjure one of them. She picked a spell that was meant to increase the length and volume of one’s hair. Ana’s hair had always been ratty and difficult to manage so she usually kept it short, currently being in a pixie cut. She wondered what it would be like to have the proper long hair that girls often dreamed about. She read out the incantation, but nothing happened. At first, she figured it was simply because magic did not exist. Then she remembered how earlier in the book it stated that to cast a spell one must be tightly garbed in a certain kind of clothing, specifically leather. Ana did not own any leather clothing, but luckily her roommate Pauline did. Ana figured she might as well try so she snuck into Pauline’s room and grabbed one of her leather jackets. Ana tried it on and found the material quite heavy and overly cumbersome on her. She did have to admit that she looked good in the jacket though, a lot tougher than she usually looked.

Now garbed in leather, Ana once again tried the spell. She read out the incantation as clearly as possible. At first nothing happened, but then she felt her scalp tingle. She rushed to the mirror and saw her hair grow. From its ratty pixie cut, her hair fell down her back, becoming luscious and full. Ana was amazed by how great she looked. She was also surprised by how her hair, originally a lightish brown colour, had turned completely midnight black. It made Ana look gothic and very unlike herself, but she enjoyed it. It was a dramatic change, but one that she felt fit her.
Ana tried out a few more spells. One that made her taller, one that made her lose her pudgy weight, even one that made her breasts slightly larger. She discovered that all the spells would only affect her, no one and nothing else, and that they would only work if she wore leather. the more leather she would wear, the more effective the spell would be. She borrowed a pair of leather pants from Pauline and, after putting them on, tried some spells again. With just the jacket, the spell had made her A cup breasts grew to B cup size, but with the pants as well they became Cs.

‘Finally got breasts worth showing off,’ she thought to herself.

As much as Ana enjoyed improving herself magically, she wondered if any of the spells could affect someone else. Near the back of the book, she discovered a spell that could. It was a spell that, when cast, made someone else think whatever the caster said was true, as long as the caster looked them in the eye and was wearing leather. The more leather the caster wore and the tighter it was, the stronger the persuasive effect.

Ana didn’t want to do anything too big, just wanted to get Georgia to do more cleaning around the apartment.  That seemed simple enough. It wasn’t like she was going to make Georgia think the sky was falling.

Ana waited till Georgia came home from work. Georgia entered the apartment and found Ana waiting for her in the kitchen.

“Hey Ana,” Georgia greeted. “Interesting look you got going on there, are you going butch goth or something.”

Ana was wearing Pauline’s leather jacket and pants and had her now long dark hair falling to her waist.

“Hehe no. Just thought I might try something different.”

“Yeah that’s different alright.” Georgia eyed Ana’s appearance. “Are you wearing a wig?”

“Yeah why not. Look Georgia, you and I have been living together for some time now and I think we should have a talk about how we’re going as roommates.”

“Okay… is everything alright? I didn’t do anything wrong, right?”

“No, no no no. I just think it would be good if we had a talk… about how we live as roommates.”

A bemused Georgia decided to go along with whatever Ana was doing. They both went to the kitchen table and sat directly opposite each other. Georgia did not notice that before Ana took her seat, she whispered something under her breath.

After Georgia sat down, she let out a yelp of shock when she looked at Ana.

“Your… your eyes,” she said in a shaky voice.

“What? Just focus Georgia.”

“Okay,” Georgia replied, immediately calming down.

“Good. Now Georgia, you and I have been living together for how long?”

“Eight months I think.”

“And in those eight months do you think you do you fair share of housework.”

“Of course! I mean… maybe I don’t always clean up after myself but I and I…”

“Stop.” Ana’s voice was firm and sharp. “You will always clean up after yourself.” She spoke each word clearly and looked directly into Georgia’s eyes.

“I will always clean up after myself.” Georgia replied, blankly.

“Whenever you make a mess in the apartment, you will clean it up.” Ana said, which Georgia echoed.

‘Holy crap, is this working?’ Ana thought.

“You always like to keep this apartment neat and tidy, so you make sure to clean it once a day.”
“I always like to keep this apartment neat and tidy, so I make sure to clean it once a day,” Georgia said, drone-like. After a long pause, Georgia blinked and spoke normally. “I guess I’m a real neat freak, but I like, you know, have this need to always make sure where I live is all clean and stuff. Thanks for you and Pauline not being a bother about it”

“Oh no problem,” Ana said, smiling. “Just do your thing. Maybe go clean up the kitchen. I know you like a clean kitchen.”

“I do,” Georgia said, beaming. “I really do. Great idea Ana.” Georgia got out of her chair and started to grab cleaning supplies that she had never touched before. She began to clean the kitchen as Ana looked on in amazement.

‘It actually freaking worked,’ Ana thought. ‘This is amazing.’

Ana got up and admired how diligently Georgia cleaned. She then saw herself in the hallway mirror and was shocked to see that the sclera of her eyes had darkened to an onyx black. Panicking, she rushed to her room and read the spell book. Ana found that to end the spell, all that she had to do was take off her leather clothes. She quickly did and upon checking herself in the mirror, found that her eyes had returned to normal. Sighing in relief, Ana looked back in the kitchen to find Georgia still cleaning.

‘So, when I take off my leather, the spell is cancelled but the effects are permanent,’ she figured. Georgia continued to clean the kitchen, now permanently thinking that this is what she always did.

Over the next few days, Ana continued to play with Georgia’s mind, getting her to take on more and more of the housekeeping duties. Georgia believed that doing all of Ana’s chores was simply her choice and she was happy to do it; it was what she always did. Ana even got Georgia to sing a happy tune as she cleaned the apartment. It was nice making Georgia so very helpful, but Ana wondered what else she could do with the spell.

One day at work, Ana was grading papers when Rachel, late as usual, entered the office.

“Hey girl, still trying out that new look huh. So brave of you. Very edgy.”

Ana had realised she couldn’t just keep stealing her roommates’ clothes, so she had gotten herself a leather jacket and a couple pairs of leather pants. She had been wearing them to work and despite all the magical changes she had done to her body, she still felt insecure in the tight, daring clothes. Rachel noticed and the mean girl pounced with glee.

“It’s so very unlike you, you know? You usually wear clothes that are really boring, like the stuff you get from Target. But here you are, looking like a groupie from an 80s hair band. That takes guts.”

Ana tried to ignore Rachel’s barbs and show no reaction but inside she was seething. Unconsciously, she started to murmur the mind spell, her eyes turning black.

“I mean who would expect that mousy Ana would try to look like a goth biker chick. It’s so random. Just like those false boobs you got.”

Ana slammed her fist into the desk and glared her black eyes directly into Rachel’s.

“YOU WILL SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH,” Ana snarled. Immediately, Rachel closed her mouth, not daring to say another word.

“You stupid worthless cow. You do not say such things about me. I am your superior in every way.”
Rachel meekly nodded, suddenly remembering that she never said anything mean to Ana. Because why would she, Ana was superior to her in every way.

“You haven’t earned anything in your life, you’ve just had daddy’s money. The fact that I have to work with someone as useless as you is a disgrace to this institution.” Ana got out of her chair and moved towards Rachel, pushing her against the wall.

“It’s a disgrace. I know I know,” Rachel agreed, feeling immense inadequacy. “You are so much prettier and smarter than me. I don’t deserve anything in my life. Not my trust fund, not my apartment, not my car.”

Ana was delighted, the cruel rich girl admitting the truth of how worthless she was. Ana was really getting into this now. She had never felt so powerful, so respected. She realised just how powerful this magic was, how she could control ungrateful bitches like Rachel, completely dominate them, and mold them into whatever she desired. She wondered what else she could do with Rachel.

“You know what you really want to do now Rachel? You want to serve me. You worship me and love to do whatever I tell you to do. You want to be my slave.”

“I want to be your slave,” Rachel replied, completely willing to give herself to Ana.

“Everything that is yours, your money, your fancy apartment, your car, is now mine.”

“Yes, yes, everything I have is yours.”

“Even you.”

“Even… even me. I am yours,” Rachel said softly. Staring into Ana’s black eyes, Rachel became lost and consumed by her new identity, an identity based around serving the wonderful, beautiful woman standing before her.

“What do you wish of me Ana.”

Ana smiled. “Well first of all, don’t call me Ana. Call me… Mistress. Yeah, I like that. Mistress Ana. No. Anastacia. Yes, that is my full name. Mistress Anastacia. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Anastacia.”

“Now get on your knees slave and lick my cunt.” Ana… Anastacia’s thoughts swirled with power and dominance. Rachel was completely under her control and as her former enemy got down and started to unzip her leather pants, Anastacia realised just how attractive she found her. She always thought she had certain bisexual leanings, yet until now she had simply never acted on them. But now, with Rachel about to eagerly eat her pussy, she understood just how much of a lesbian she was.

Rachel pulled down Anastacia’s panties and started to lick, causing her Mistress to moan with pleasure. Rachel wasn’t fond of pussy, being completely heterosexual, but the joyful sounds of her Mistress were encouragement enough.

Anastacia returned to her apartment with Rachel walking behind her like a trained dog. They had taken Rachel’s car, a top of the line Rolls Royce that Rachel’s dad had given as a birthday present. It was Anastacia’s now.

Anastacia was pleased. She just found herself with a devoted slave and access to a large amount of wealth. With her power she could do anything to anyone, though right now all she wanted to do was take her slave to her room and ravish the subservient girl. Maybe after sex she could think of things beyond physical pleasure.

Anastacia walked into her room and was horrified to find someone already there, her roommate Pauline, looking at the translated spell pages.

“What are you doing?” She yelled.

“Hey relax, I were just looking for one of my leather jackets, I thought y'all might have borrowed it or something.” Pauline answered in her thick southern accent.

“I mean what are you doing with my notes.” Anastacia took the notes from Pauline’s hand and shoved them into a drawer.

“ah was curious. That’s all. Hey, what happened t'yer eyes there.”

Anastacia groaned. “It’s not important. Just don’t go into my stuff anymore.”

“All right, all right. You should see a doctor though. Y’all been acting weird lately. You and Georgina. You with your new get up, and those big boobs and hair you got now, and Georgina with her new love of cleaning. She actually offered to do my laundry this morning. Y’all city folk are weird.”

Pauline shrugged and started to exit Anastacia’s room, the latter relieved. But then there was Rachel.

“Is there anything wrong Mistress Anastacia? Can I fuck you now?” Rachel called out.

“Mistress Anastacia!” Pauline exclaimed. “Now what in tarnation is going on here?”

“Look at me.” A panicked Anastacia grabbed Pauline and pinned her against the wall. “Look at me straight in the eyes. You are perfectly okay with my relationship with Rachel. You accept that she is my slave.”

“I… yes. I am perfectly okay with your relationship. She is your slave.”

“You have never cared about what I do with her and you never mention it to anyone.”

“Of course not. Why would ah care. She’s your slave. You do whatever you like.”

And that was that. Anastacia had so easily convinced Pauline that everything was normal, and that Rachel had always been her slave. She let Pauline go, who brushed herself off, wondering why her roommate was acting all crazy over nothing. Pauline moved to get out of Anastacia’s room when Anastacia suddenly cried, “Wait!”

“Huh?” Pauline turned to Anastacia, facing her in the eye. Anastacia knew that she could just let Pauline go. She had already convinced her roommate that there was no problem and she was going to tell no one. She could simply allow Pauline to walk out, but where would the fun be in that.

“That accent of yours is fake. You’re not really from Texas. You’re from England. You’ve never even been to Texas.”

“Yeah. I just pretend. I’ve never even been to Texas,” Pauline replied dreamily, a whole childhood in the Lonestar State obliterated from her mind, replaced by one in the United Kingdom.

“Your real accent is actually English and really posh.”

“Indeed, it is darling,” Pauline said, her natural Texan accent replaced with an obviously fake posh British one. “But I like pretending to be a true Texan.”

“Your real accent sounds much nicer though. You’re going to only use your real accent from now on. You’ve gotten tired of pretending.”

“I guess I have gotten tired. It is a bit silly pretending to be someone I’m not.” Pauline switched back to the fake accent that made her sound like an actress doing Shakespeare in park.

Anastacia continued. “Your whole personality is fake. This whole tomboy thing you got going on, it’s not you at all.” Anastacia’s mind turned as she thought of all the things she could do to Pauline. 

“You’re feminine. A posh snob as well, and vain as hell. You love wearing fancy girly clothes, wearing lots of makeup, having long stylised hair. You look down at poor people and mock those who can’t afford the nicer things in life. This whole down to earth tomboy thing is just an act you put as a gag when you come to the U.S. But you’ve decided it’s time to go back to the real you. The girly fashionista from London.”

Anastacia could see the gears turning in Pauline’s mind as everything about her changed. She was no longer someone who didn’t care about her appearance or someone who was willing to help other in need. The look of her eyes, the gain of a haughty disposition, they signalled that Pauline was now a selfish vain bitch who only cared for material things, most of all herself. Just the thought of how much Pauline had changed and how she was going to be such a mean sexy vixen made Anastacia so fucking hot. She would treat all her old friends with contempt now and be so cruel to her boyfriend, how fucking sexy would…

“YOU’RE ALSO IN LOVE WITH ME!” Anastacia blurted out.

“I am?” It took a moment for the magic to reconfigure Pauline’s mind as it was creating a new personality. “Yes, of course I am. How could I not be? Everything about you is so sexy. Your soft luscious lips, your large full breasts, the way you dominate your slave Rachel, it makes me so hot.”

“Of course, it would, a massive lipstick lesbian like yourself can’t help but for in love with me. That boyfriend you have is just for pretend. You feel nothing for him.”

“Indeed, I do not. He is a worthless man. I just used him for money,” Pauline said matter of factly. “His penis disgusts me.”

Anastacia stifled a giggle, then an interesting thought came into her mind. If she goes further down the path she is on, messing with people’s minds and making them her slaves, she is going to need some help, someone to organise things, someone like…

“A personal assistant. You are my personal assistant. You love and worship me just as much as Rachel does and you refer to me as Mistress Anastacia. In order to serve me you are my personal assistant.”

“Yes Mistress. How may I serve you today as you play with your slave here?” Pauline motioned to Rachel, who was still standing just outside, dutifully waiting on her Mistress and eager to fuck her.

“I need you to go to the mall for me. There’s a new fetish clothing store that opened and I believe that we all need some new outfits. All the clothes you get for me will be leather. Everything for you and Rachel will be latex. Neither you, nor any other slave I may acquire is allowed to wear leather. Only me. I will also need sunglasses.”

“Yes Mistress.” Pauline bowed.

“Take Rachel’s car, and her credit cards.”

Pauline took Rachel’s car keys and wallet and then headed off. This left Anastacia finally alone with Rachel.

“So… Rachel… or… Raquel.”

Professor Elizabeth Connelly was finishing up for the day when she heard a knock on her office door. Weary after a long day of lectures and meetings with dullard undergrads, she gave a sigh before calling out. “Come in.”

The door opened and Elizabeth did not recognise the woman who entered her office at first. Her eyes widened when she realised it was her teaching assistant Ana, looking vastly different then the grad student usually appeared. Instead of her pudgy and dowdy form, Ana was looking svelte and limber. She was wearing a finely tailored leather jumpsuit, leather gloves and leather boots, very different from her usual outfits of thick sweaters, jeans and sneakers. Elizabeth was most taken aback by Ana’s hair, that had changed from a ratty brown pixie cut, to now being long and flowing down to her lower back, a rich midnight black hue. She was also wearing a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses.

“Ana! Wow ah… you look very… nice. What are you here for?”

“I’m here for you, Professor. We have some things to discuss, you and I.”

“We do? I’m sorry Ana but I was just about to leave. My husband and I have plans tonight and…”

“Your husband can wait. It is more important that you and I talk.”

“Whatever it is can wait until tomorrow, Ana. The Chancellor and I have tickets for the opera and…”

Elizabeth stopped speaking mid-sentence. Ana had taken off her sunglasses to reveal eyes that were completely black. Elizabeth was immediately mesmerized and unable to look away.

“I think you should call your husband and let him know that you are going to be late tonight as some work has come up,” Ana said to Elizabeth.

“Yes, that’s a good idea,” Elizabeth replied, getting out her phone and calling the Chancellor. As she did this, Elizabeth did not look away from Ana’s black eyes which glared right into her.

“Now that’s settled, let’s sit down. I’ll take your chair. You will sit on the sofa,” Ana instructed. 

Elizabeth could not believe how her teaching assistant was talking to her, yet she did not react in any other way besides following Ana’s command Being in the place usually taken by her students and subordinates, Elizabeth felt so very powerless, especially as she watched Ana sit on her chair, cross her legs, and look slightly down at her, like she was just a student and not the prominent Professor she was.

“Professor… Elizabeth… I’ve finished translating that pagan witch text you told me about. It has been most every informative. The things I have learned. Though there have been some side effects.” Ana pointed to her black eyes. “The positives greatly outweigh the unfortunate negatives, and they have given me thought about how I live my life. There need to be some changes in my life, changes that only I can make.  I think it is time we talk about our relationship,” Ana explained.

“Our relationship? What do you mean?”

“Don’t be coy Elizabeth. I’ve seen the way you look at me, the way you stare, you are very attractive to me.”

“What! That is an outrageous thing to say to me Ana. I could have you fired for what you’re saying.”
“Elizabeth. Look at me. Tell me the truth. You find very attractive.” Ana refocused her black eyes at Elizabeth.

“I find you very attractive,” Elizabeth said, in a robotic tone. “I mean, you’re a young lively woman of course I find you attractive,” She said, more animatedly, as if what she was saying was completely natural.

“You find me very sexy.”

“I find you very sexy,” Elizabeth repeated, again in a robotic tone. “Well how could I not. You such beautiful eyes, and a fantastic ass.”

“It is indeed a fantastic ass.” Ana chuckled. “An ass that you loved to grab onto. Especially when we fucked.”

“Huh?” Elizabeth was confused. She remembered leering at Ana, maybe even fondling her a couple of times, but fucking?

“Stay focused Elizabeth. You and I have fucked,” Ana insisted.

“You and I have fucked,” Elizabeth repeated dutifully. “You have fucked me many times. I love the way make me squeal. Just thinking about it makes me go…UMPH”

Elizabeth then crossed her legs, a small dampness growing in her nether regions.

“You’ve especially liked it when we fucked in the office here. When I’ve worn my big strap on and fucked you right on this desk.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Elizabeth exclaimed, suddenly gaining memories that were unimaginable only moments ago, memories of the prudish professor being railed by her TA with a big black rubber strap on.

“You love having sex with other women, especially me. You love sex with women almost as much as you hate sex with men.”

“Yes! Men are disgusting! Woman are so soft and sweet and tasty!”

“Especially your husband. You despise him and only married him for his money.”

“How could I ever have loved someone like him?”

All love that Elizabeth once had for the chancellor was now replaced with hatred and disdain. Ana was really enjoying this conversation and wondered how far she could push it with the Professor.

“Elizabeth, look at me. Look at my eyes directly and listen carefully. While in public you maintain the decorum of the professional academic, behind closed doors you are my submissive slut. Outside you may refer to me as Ana, but in here you call me Mistress Anastacia.”

“Of course, Mistress Anastacia.” Elizabeth’s usual haughty tone was replaced with a more submissive lilt. “I wouldn’t dare call you anything else.

Anastacia smiled at that. “And I of course call you Betty. Isn’t that right? Sweet Betty, my personal slut slave.”

Each word that Anastacia spoke rewrote Betty’s personality, changing the once priggish and arrogant professor into a perverted and subservient tramp.

“Now I think it is time we mix things up tonight.” Anastacia declared. “You will be wearing a very different outfit from what you planned for the opera.

“What outfit, Mistress Anastacia?”

“Something to show the Chancellor the real you. Raquel, get in here darling!” Anastacia yelled.

The office door opened, and Betty’s other teaching assistant Rachel Anderson walked in, dragging in a suitcase. Rachel was dressed in a very tight and revealing latex French maid’s uniform.

“Oh my god Rachel! What are you wearing?”

“Betty, you know very well that Raquel here is my personal maid. She is simply wearing her uniform.” Anastacia explained.

“Yes, of course. Silly me. For some reason I thought she was my teaching assistant. How are you Raquel?”

“Vairy good Ms Bettay.” Raquel replied in a clearly fake French accent. “Ai 'ave tonight's ootfit Meestrez.”

“Excellent. Get undressed Betty.”

“Yes, mistress Anastacia.” Betty began to dutifully disrobe, not wanting to displease her mistress.

“All of it off Betty, I need you naked.”

Betty took off all of her clothes, leaving her naked in front of her two assistants, who she now thought of as her mistress and her maid.

“For a woman your age you have such lovely breasts Betty. Wouldn’t you agree Raquel?”

“Oui Meestrez, such lové-lee tits.”

Betty blushed like a schoolgirl. She never thought she would have her assistants remarked on her breasts like this, or that she would like it.

“But of course you will need to get some implants. My slut slave should really have a pair of big fake plastic tits.” Anastacia ordered.

“Yes Mistress. I will get them right away.” Betty replied.

“It can wait for tomorrow. Now let me show you your outfit for this evening.” Anastacia had Rachel unpack the luggage and pulled out a red latex catsuit. “Put this on, Betty.”

Betty awkwardly took it from Anastacia. “But it’s so tight? I can’t wear this to the Opera.”

Anastacia glared at Betty with a look that would terrify Satan himself, her black eyes staring into Betty’s soul. “Do you defy me… Betty?” She asked, enunciating Betty’s name slowly, full of venom and contempt.

“No, of course not Mistress. I wouldn’t dare, Mistress. Please forgive me, Mistress.” Betty quickly got on the latex catsuit, with Raquel helping her slip into the tight latex, providing talcum powder where necessary. She also slipped on a pair of gloves, a pair of platform boots, and a corset, all made of red latex. Raquel then did her hair into a strict and elaborate bun.

Betty saw herself in her office mirror. She looked so… so… hot. She looked amazing and sexy and most of all dangerous. She had never looked dangerous before in her life, but now, covered from neck to toe in red latex she looked like a woman to be feared. Anastacia handed her a crop and as they both looked at Betty’s reflection, their eyes meeting, Anastacia whispered in Betty’s ear.

“This is you. This is the real you. Not the repressed academic. Not the boring wife of a boring and unremarkable man. That’s a false mask you have become tired of. It’s time to become who you really. The confident dominatrix. That’s who you are.”. The sex addicted slut who always needs to be on top. Except with me of course.”

“Yes mistress.” Betty softly moaned. Anastacia handed her a crop and Betty grabbed it like a professional dominatrix.

“You need to make your husband see the real you.” Anastacia commanded. “Make him see who is really in charge in this relationship.”

“Yes mistress. I will make that bastard squeal. He will meet Mistress Betty tonight.”

Anastacia chuckled. “Mistress Betty’s a little too cute. How about… Mistress Liza.”

“Yesssssss.” Mistress Liza whispered, her new dom persona now cemented in her mind.

With her plans for tonight now settled, Mistress Liza grabbed a pair of sunglasses, a leather trench coat and her new expensive purse, before heading out to meet her husband at the opera. Her new crop placed in the purse for the evening’s activities.

“That was fun.” Anastacia remarked to Raquel after they watched Mistress Liza head out to meet and torture her husband. “I wonder what else we can do tonight.”

“Le sorority meestrez. Zéy are 'avéng zéir partay tonight”

“The sorority. Those stuck up bitches. Excellent idea Raquel, have Pauline ready the car. Let’s go pay those sluts a visit.”

It only took a few brief conversations for the sorority to accept Anastacia as their new Mistress and she quickly moved in along with her personal assistant Pauline, and her two French maids, Raquel and Georgiana (formally Georgia.) Their party was cancelled as the sorority girls found themselves no longer wanting to hang around with the boorish men from the nearby fraternities. Why would they when they could serve their Mistress? After a good talk with each of them individually, every single one of the twenty sorority girls had agreed to devote their lives to Mistress Anastacia. It just made sense.

Following the Mistress’s orders, Pauline had all the girls put on a strict exercise regime designed to make them strong and fit. Extensive martial arts and firearm training formed the girls into Anastacia’s personal bodyguards, protecting her from any possible threat and ensuring that she was left undisturbed by malcontents. They dressed in a uniform of black latex catsuit, boots, and gloves, the tight latex showing the musculature of their toned bodies. Anyone who tried to question the whiplash change in lifestyle of the sorority soon found themselves manhandled and taken to the Mistress for a nice chat. They didn’t ask any questions anymore. Some even joined the sorority, becoming clothed in the black latex uniform and devoting their lives to the Mistress.

Mistress Anastacia spent the rest of the day discussing plans with her lover Mistress Liza, planning to set up her own department at the University. After a long day of plotting and ambition, she retired to the sorority’s largest bedroom, her personal chambers. Her faithful personal assistant Pauline, often by her side, checked in to see if there was anything else the Mistress required. Anastacia let her know that she was done for the evening and that Pauline could relax and enjoy herself with one of the bodyguards. Pauline bowed and thanked her Mistress.

Anastacia watched as Pauline strutted down the hall, approaching a bodyguard at watch by the stairs. The bodyguard, a tall red head with a firm rear and recently enhanced DD breasts, towered over Pauline who licked her lips before whispering in the guard’s ear. The guard grinned and took Pauline’s hand, leading her into a bedroom.

Anastacia smirked, six months ago Pauline would have never have thought of even kissing a woman. Now she was about to be fucked senseless by one. Pauline had changed so much that people had trouble recognising her. The Texan tomboy was an English fashionista now. Only speaking in a posh English accent for six months had made her impersonation flawless; no one could tell that Pauline had never been to the United Kingdom. She never wore pants anymore, only ever wearing skirts or dresses and all in latex and bright colours. (Never leather of course, that was for the Mistress, and only the Mistress.) She had grown her hair long and dyed it platinum blonde, often styling it in a fashionable bun. Anastacia had convinced Pauline that she had poor eyesight so she now wore thick-rimmed glasses, giving her the perfect secretary look. The boyish and easy-going farmgirl from Texas had become a snobbish and severe English femme lesbian.

The bodyguards outside Anastacia’s room closed the door, leaving her alone with her two French maids. Georgiana and Raquel, reclining on her luxurious bed sans their uniform, eagerly awaited their Mistress. Anastacia slowly walked to the front of her bed and sexily removed her leather gloves and boots. She grabbed the zipper of her leather catsuit and slowly pulled down, letting her large firm breasts out freely. Finally, she removed the leather catsuit, leaving her naked, and got on the bed, in between her two beauties. Georgiana and Raquel had been given extensive plastic surgery from the most expensive doctors, for free of course, and now looked like the sexiest bimbos in the world. They kissed their wonderful Mistress, rubbing her body sensually.

Anastacia luxuriated in their attention, but then she looked up at the mirror she had installed above her bed. While sure it looked nice seeing her magically enhanced beautiful body nestled in between her maids surgically enhanced ones, their large silicone breasts kneading against her natural ones, there was one problem. While not wearing a single piece of leather, Anastacia’s eyes were still black. The spell should have ended when she disrobed but Anastacia knew that with months of using dark magic day in and day out, corrupting people’s minds, enslaving them to her will, it had seeped into her body.

Even without leather, Anastacia felt her magical powers pulse within her, feeding on her soul. She wondered how much of her soul was left. Was she still human, or she truly become the vile heartless witch the spell book had warned her about? As she pondered that question, she felt Raquel’s finger slide into her wet cunt and the answer popped into her mind. Who gives a fuck! She was the Mistress Anastacia now, and that was all she needed to be. Her soul was worthless anyway.