Thursday, 5 May 2016

Special Order

 Possibly the darkest cap I've done.

Full Transcript:

How many days had he been trapped here? David could not recall. Could have been five, could have been fifty. The days tend to blend into one another when you are kidnapped and confined against your will in a dank windowless basement.

Who were they? Why did they take him? What were they doing to him? Oh how David wish he knew the answers to these question. At least give him something to explain the torment his was going through.

When he first came here he was 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds. Now David’s body had dramatically shrunk, with him now being only 5 foot 3 and 120 pounds. He swore it was in the food they gave him. Something that made him lose so much weight. He felt so weak and vulnerable now. He hadn’t just gotten smaller though. His body had become more and more feminine, with his wide hips and slim waist. He didn’t want to admit what was happening to him, though that was getting harder to ignore each time he looked down and saw his shrinking pecker.

The first night they had taken his clothes from him. They instead left him with this weird black body suit. It seemed loose when he first put it on, yet as his body changed the clothing changed with it, transforming into something tight and shiny that showed off his body’s new feminine curves. David hated the way the clothes made it clear how his masculinity had been taken from him. He never took them off though. He couldn’t. Something in his mind stopped him.

He heard whispers. Hushed voices through the walls.

“Obsidian 46 is coming along nicely.”

“Yes the morphing is almost complete. Look how fine she looks in the slave uniform. She will please the Baroness.”

“Her body is so dainty and girlish now. Shame we can’t get the mental programming up and running.”

“You know our orders. The Baroness wants her new toy to know what she is. Obsidian 46 mind will be left intact. The Baroness wants to be able to play with her new toy, can’t have that with a mindless drone can she?”

David heard the voices cruel laughter and slunk back to her mattress. She held back tears as he fearfully pondered his future. 

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  1. Odd that there are no comments. For me is was a beautiful set. The story unfolded nicely and not too quickly with not much information actually given about David's plight. He must have wronged someone badly.
    The pictures you chose told a story as well even without words.
    Thanks for your hard work, or is it a labor of love?